What is an Economic Impact Audit?

    An Economic Impact Audit investigates the flow of money in an area that is generated by a certain activity or influence. The expert consultants use computer modelling to combine data from global influences and local economic conditions to determine the flow-on effect of the activity or influence.

    Who is the consultant assisting the City of Vincent?

    ACIL Allen is a large, Australian economics and policy consultancy with diverse experience in economic modelling across many different industries. For further information please visit their website (http://www.acilallen.com.au)

    Why is this study being undertaken?

    The audit will model the flow of money that is generated by having two WAFL clubs based at Leederville Oval and focus primarily on game days. The results of this audit will be used to inform the upcoming master plan for Leederville Oval, which will guide the future aspirations and opportunities for the reserve.

    How will the information be used?

    The information gathered will be put into a customised, computer software model that combines all of the data and required assumptions to summarise the economic impact. Different scenarios can then be adapted from the information as required. All information gathered from local businesses will be anonymous and no raw data will be shared. All information remains confidential.

    Why should local businesses do the survey?

    The results from any study or modelling exercise is only ever as good as the information that is gathered and used during the process. The City of Vincent wants to ensure that any future opportunities or planning for the Leederville Oval and the greater Leederville town centre reflect the needs and aspirations of the local community.

    When will the report be finalised?

    ACIL Allen and the City of Vincent are working towards a completion date of late March 2018