How does this project relate to Imagine Vincent?

    Imagine Vincent was the biggest community engagement initiative in our history and was used to directly inform our Strategic Community Plan for the next ten years. Design Leederville is similar to Imagine Vincent, but instead of asking our community to create a vision for Vincent, we are asking them to create a vision for the future of Leederville.

    We want to know how we can Design Leederville to be a great place for everyone and deliver on the six priorities of Imagine Vincent. While thinking about what your future Leederville looks like, it might be useful to consider these six priorities:

    Enhanced Environment

    The natural environment contributes greatly to our inner-city community. We want to protect and enhance it, making best use of our natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations.

    Accessible City

    We want to be a leader in making it safe, easy, environmentally friendly and enjoyable to get around Vincent.

    Connected Community

    We are a diverse, welcoming and engaged community. We want to celebrate what makes us unique and connect with those around us to enhance our quality of life.

    Thriving Places

    Our vibrant places and spaces are integral to our identity, economy and appeal. We want to create, enhance and promote great places and spaces for everyone to enjoy.

    Sensitive Design

    Design that ‘fits in’ to our neighbourhoods is important to us. We want to see unique, high quality developments that respect our character and identity and respond to specific local circumstances.

    Innovative and Accountable

    The City of Vincent has a significant role to play in supporting our community to realise its vision. To achieve this, we will be an innovative, honest, engaged and responsible organisation that manages resources well, communicates effectively and takes our stewardship role seriously.

    We will use these six priorities as a focus for collecting, analysing and presenting the ideas gathered from the community and other stakeholders throughout the project.

    How will the City be consulting with the community to develop the vision for Leederville?

    There are heaps of ways to get involved and share your ideas for the future of Leederville.

    Check out our online design tools below and make sure to pop down to a Gallery of Ideas. Alternatively, you can email your ideas to or call us on 9273 6000.

    Online Design Tools

    • Brainstorm your ideas - tell us what makes Leederville special and help create a vision for a future Leederville
    • Map your ideas - use the mapping tool to share your thoughts about specific areas in Leederville
    Meet the project team
    • Sunday 13 October, 4pm – 8.30pm | Leederville Village Square
    Gallery of Ideas

    • Sunday 20 October, 1pm – 5pm | Leederville Village Square
    • Saturday 26 October, 9am – 12pm | Oxford Street Reserve

    What is the difference between the Leederville Town Centre Place Plan and the Leederville Activity Centre Plan?

    Your ideas shared during Design Leederville will help guide the future development of Leederville and to inform two upcoming major projects - the Leederville Activity Centre Plan and the Leederville Town Centre Place Plan.

    Activity Centre Plan

    The City of Vincent has engaged consultants to prepare an Activity Centre Plan for Leederville. The plan will include new requirements for planning and development within the Leederville Town Centre to reflect the vision created in partnership with the community.

    The plan will be supported by a range of technical studies including economics, water management, services, traffic, and parking.

    The draft plan will be advertised to the community, with more engagement options for you to have your say.

    Leederville Town Centre Place Plan

    Place Plans are the City's 'place based' strategic documents that help guide the direction of our town centres.

    We have developed Place Plans for the North Perth and Mount Hawthorn Town Centres and Leederville is up next! Click here to view the City's current Place Plans.

    The feedback captured through Design Leederville will be used to help develop the Place Plan for the Leederville Town Centre. A draft Place Plan will be advertised for comment so keep an eye out on our pages!

    What is an activity centre?

    Activity centres are commercial focal points that include a combination of retail, commercial, entertainment and community activities usually mixed with higher-density housing. Activity centres, like Leederville, are made up of a number of small tenancies and buildings on public streets, others are large privately owned shopping complexes. Some have elements of both.

    State Planning Policy 4.2 Activity Centres for Perth and Peel (SPP4.2) classifies all activity centres in the metro based area on their role in the broader region. SPP4.2 also provides guidance on the development of new activity centres and redevelopment of existing activity centres through development, design, transport and urban infrastructure considerations.

    What is an activity centre plan?

    An activity centre plan is a document agreed between the community, local government and State government that sets out how an activity centre will develop over the next 10-20 years.

    The activity centre plan supplements the more general controls of a local planning scheme. These documents set out the information and considerations relating to activity, movement and design.

    The activity centre plan needs to be endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission. The activity centre plan needs to comply with any relevant state and regional planning strategies, including the City’s Local Planning Strategy.

    What type of activity centre is Leederville?

    Leederville Town Centre is a ‘main street’ or ‘high street’ that serves a significant regional catchment. With a train station right next door, people come from all over to experience one of the most vibrant and successful town centres in WA.

    Why is the City preparing an activity centre plan?

    An activity centre plan is a key planning instrument that the City can use to ensure higher density development that is suitable and fits in with the existing context of the Leederville Town Centre. Without a solid plan in place, ad-hoc development will occur in Leederville, and each planning decision would be made independent of each other.

    Where is the Leederville Town Centre?

    The centre is made up of the southern half of the suburb of Leederville, including the core activity centre bound by Mitchell Freeway, Leederville Parade, Loftus Street, and Richmond Street (including all properties fronting Richmond Street, along the northern border).

    What about the 2012 Leederville Masterplan?

    The 2012 Leederville Masterplan will be reviewed and relevant information incorporated into the new activity centre plan for Leederville Town Centre. The Leederville Activity Centre Plan will replace the 2012 Leederville Masterplan.