What is short term accommodation?

    Short term accommodation is accommodation provided either continuously or from time to time with no guest accommodated for periods totaling more than 3 months in any 12 month period.

    Short term accommodation can take a variety of forms including but not limited to traditional Bed and Breakfast, Serviced Apartments, holiday houses, Air B&B, backpackers and lodging houses and includes accommodation that is either hosted or unhosted.

    Why are we proposing amendments to our planning framework to manage short term accommodation?

    The City understands the increasing desire for a variety of accommodation choices within the community and supports short term accommodation uses, provided they are appropriately located and managed.

    With a rise in the use of online sharing platforms such as Air B&B and our proximity to transport and amenities, there has been an increase in residences being used for short stay purposes. Our current planning framework is out-dated and does not adequately address the approvals process and management of these uses.

    The proposed changes to our planning framework will provide greater guidance around short term accommodation uses at the same time minimising negative impacts to the community through approval criteria and management requirements.

    Do I need a planning approval to operate short term accommodation?

    Currently a Planning Approval is required for the operation of all short term accommodation uses.

    To streamline the planning approvals process, a number of development approval exemptions are proposed to be included into the amended Policy for low impact uses that operate within approved guidelines.

    Exemptions are included in Clause 2 of draft Local Planning Policy 7.4.5 – Short Term Accommodation.

    Why are some short term accommodation uses exempt from planning approval?

    The City recognises that not all short term accommodation will impact the amenity of nearby residents to the same extent, therefore the requirements for a planning approval may not be necessary.  

    We are proposing to include exemptions in the Local Planning Policy to streamline the planning approvals process where a proposed accommodation is of a low scale nature and/or where a host is permanently residing at the property. 

    Exempt accommodation will still be required to operate in accordance with  Code of Conduct and Management Plan requirements.

    If I want to use my property for short term house sitting, will I need a planning approval?

    In circumstances where a house sit is time limited a planning approval may not be required.  In these instances, guidance is provided in accordance with Clause 2.1 of the draft amended Local Planning Policy.

    Where will short term accommodation be permitted to operate?

    The preferred location of Short Term Accommodation is within Local Centre, District Centre, Regional Centre or Commercial Zones within close proximity to existing amenities, public transport and/or where ambient noise/activity already exists.

    Short term accommodation in Residential and Mixed Use zones may be permitted where a proposal can demonstrate that its use is compatible with and would not negatively impact on the amenity of surrounding residential properties. 

    The amended Policy provides acceptable development criteria to guide the approval of short term accommodation.

    Who is responsible for managing properties used for short stay accommodation?

    The responsibility of managing the operation of the short term accommodation is with the owner or operator of the premises. The responsible person must ensure guests are aware of the Code of conduct and should address complaints and queries as they arise. 

    The amended Policy sets out the requirements of the Management plan and Code of conduct which will be used as the basis for managing compliance and minimising negative impact to adjoining neighbours.

    The City's Administration will attend to matters if there are compliance issues contrary to the Code of conduct or Management Plan.  

    If I live in a strata property will I be able to operate a short term accommodation premises?

    In considering short term accommodation in a strata situation the City will assess the proposed use against the provisions of the Policy in terms of the policy objectives, local context, carparking and amenity impact.  

    Owners of strata properties will also need to familiarise themselves with the rights and obligation as an owner or occupier under the by-laws of a Strata Company or strata Scheme and seek additional strata approvals if required.

    How will the City ensure I won't be impacted by nearby short term accommodation?

    An approved Management plan and Code of conduct is required for the operation of all short term accommodation premises and will address issues such as noise, parking, guest screening and complaints management. This will minimise impact to the surrounding residential amenity and ensures the safety and security of guests is maintained.  

    Adherence to the Management Plan and Code of conduct will be a condition of the approval and operation of the short term accommodation use.  

    The City will seek compliance on premises not complying with the approved Management Plan and Code of conduct.