Why is the City proposing to reduce the number of tennis courts?

    It has been identified that there is an oversupply of tennis courts at Robertson Park and in the City of Vincent as a whole.

    The Tennis West provision ratios for court to club members for all courts is 30:1 and residents per court in metropolitan areas is 2000:1. Overall the City currently has 68 tennis courts. Our member to court ratio sits at 4:1 and resident to court ration sits at 381:1.

    The draft Robertson Park Development Plan proposes a reduction of 36 tennis courts to 20 and the addition of three multi-sport courts.

    Why change from grass courts to hard courts?

    Despite grass courts being conducive to the local climate and preferred by some players, they do not provide an ideal surface for winter or evening use. The grass courts hinder the growth of tennis by limiting the usage hours and they are expensive to maintain.

    The City is also proposing to install floodlights to allow greater use of tennis courts and meet the demand for night tennis. The switch to hard courts supports this, as flood lights cannot be installed on grass courts.

    Why add flood lights to all courts, and not just a few?

    The increased demand for night tennis, hot weather conditions and absence of daylight saving time are all factors in the need to provide more floodlighting on existing courts.

    Why are you removing the tennis shade huts?

    To achieve the optimum configuration of tennis courts we are proposing to remove the 9 tennis shade huts. The Tennis Australia Guidelines outline the minimum run-off distance required behind tennis courts. This requirement has changed since the construction of the Robertson Park Tennis Centre and the courts no longer comply with the guidelines.

    The City has worked with State Heritage to seek approval over the removal of the huts.

    Please submit your feedback if you have any thoughts about the removal of the shade huts.