What is Public Open Space?

Public Open Space describes land that is freely accessible by the community, for a variety of purposes.

In the City of Vincent, we have a number of public open spaces, including but not limited to: parks, reserves, sporting grounds, bushlands and special purpose spaces such as Mary Street Piazza.

The purpose of open space is to encourage a range of activities including walking, cycling, dog walking, social activities, informal sporting activity, play spaces, structured sport, bushland and events.

Why do we need a Public Open Space Strategy?

The purpose of the Public Open Space strategy will provide strategic direction and a framework to guide the management of open space within the City of Vincent.

What are we seeking comment on?

We are engaging the wider community to help understand what their future requirements and aspirations are for public open spaces. Feedback will be useful in developing guiding principles for:

- Quality of public open space
- Quantity of public open space
- Functionality of public open space 
- Classification of public open space

We will also be seeking feedback on our current public open space and what improvements are needed.

How can I provide feedback?

The City of Vincent will be seeking feedback through a survey that will be made available online and as a hard copy at the City's Administration Building, Beatty Park Leisure Centre and the City of Vincent Library. The survey will open to the public in the coming weeks so stay tuned!