Why do we need a Strategic Community Plan?

    The Strategic Community Plan is used by the City of Vincent to assist in developing a series of other plans and strategies, including the City’s Corporate Business Plan, Operational Plan and Long-Term Financial Plan. 

    It is a statutory requirement of the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework that the City of Vincent have a Strategic Community Plan, but we are also obliged by our role in the community to properly plan for the future of our City.

    What is the Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028?

    The Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028 will set out Council’s plan to guide the future of Vincent, prepared in collaboration with our community. It is a plan for action on how we will deliver our shared vision for the future. 

    The plan will set the long-term direction and focus for Council’s planning, budget and resource allocation process.  It will describe how we will focus our efforts and ensure strong alignment between Council priorities and strategies, as well as the services, programs and projects we deliver.

    Why review the Strategic Community Plan 2013-2023?

    A Strategic Community Plan is a document required to be developed by all Local Governments in Western Australia. The Local Government Act requires a part review of the Strategic Community Plan every two years and a full review of the Strategic Community Plan every four years.

    The City of Vincent’s existing Strategic Community Plan 2013-23 was adopted in 2013 and is due for its four year review.  In addition, it is more than 10 years since the extensive engagement of the community that occurred through the Vincent Visions process.

    A lot has changed during this time in terms of strategic direction and a change in the City’s eco­nomic, social and environmental landscape, as well as community and customer needs and expectations. This review will ensure the City is responsive to current circumstances, new information and changing trends.

    Through the Imagine Vincent campaign, the City is obtaining community input which will be articulated in the next Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028. 

    Is my privacy protected?

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