Planting & Turf Area Extension – Sept 2018

    To increase the visual connections across the site and improve the parks usability, the golden cane, cycads, hedges and roses will be replaced with ivy and the limestone block wall adjacent to the Wall of Remembrance will be replaced with turf.

    Palm Tree Removal & Pruning – Sept 2018

    To enhance visual connections and increase the usable public open space, six existing palm trees will be removed and the retained palm trees will be pruned.

    Hobart Street Path Extension – Sept 2018

    To improve pedestrian legibility, the existing planting directly south of Hobart Street will be removed and the brick paved footpath running east west along part of the south of Hobart Street will be extended to Edinboro Street.

    Hobart Street Entrance Closure – Oct 2018

    To improve pedestrian and cyclist amenity, the one-way vehicle entry off Scarborough Beach Road into Hobart Street will be closed and the brick paved footpath adjacent Scarborough Beach Road will be extended.

    The closure of the one-way Hobart Street entry responds to the opportunities and ideas generated through the consultation period and the demonstrated support for improved pedestrian connections throughout the site and the closure of this entry.

    Intersection Signage Rationalisation – Oct 2018

    To improve the aesthetics and legibility of the Oxford Street/ Scarborough Beach Road intersection, all superfluous signage will be removed.

    Fairfield Street Footpath Widening – Oct 2018

    To improve pedestrian connections and amenity, the narrow stretch of brick paved footpath at the corner of Scarborough Beach Road and Fairfield Street will be extended.

    Commemorative Tree Planting – Nov 2018

    On 11 November 2018 the City will celebrate the Centenary of Armistice at Axford Park. To commemorate the end of the First World War and those who served Australia and its allies in wars, conflicts and peace operations, a commemorative tree will be planted in Axford Park.

    Toilet Block Relocation – Mar 2019

    To reduce the visual and physical impact of the public toilet block and Western Power enclosure through co-location, the toilet block will be relocated to adjoin the Western Power enclosure.

    Flush Pedestrian Crossing at Fairfield Street – May 2019

    To prioritise the pedestrian and reconnect the disconnected town centre main street tenancies along Hobart Street with those along the north of Scarborough Beach Road, a raised plateau across Fairfield Street will be implemented.

    Works will commence Monday 6 May and are estimated to take approximately 3 weeks.

    40km/hr Zone Extension – Jun 2019

    To reduce vehicle speeds in the town centre along Scarborough Beach Road, the City will advocate to extend the 40km/hr zone further east along Scarborough Beach Road near Edinboro Street.